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80s remixes of modern pop music

2017-09-18 19:44:31 by JellyTea



2017-03-02 14:16:00 by JellyTea

I'm so happy guise.
I met the love of my life and our relationship is very strong.
I have never felt loved like he loves me.

He puts his toe in the water for me and everything, he is a so romantic guy.
He has a warm heart and a cold sink.
I know he is the one for me.


2016-06-27 19:31:29 by JellyTea


A new start

2016-03-10 00:19:36 by JellyTea

I'm going to start making youtube videos to try and make cash money.

Probably won't get popular but it's better than being useless and doing nothing. At least then I will be useless but doing something.

Any of you make youtube vids?

illness and death

2016-02-20 09:42:54 by JellyTea

I think I have a cold or strep.

My throat is sore and my ear is in pain and full of FLUID.

It feels TERRIBLE, I can't sleep.


2016-02-09 10:34:40 by JellyTea


Isn't he ka-yoot? :33333


2016-02-03 06:26:11 by JellyTea

So recently, I saw the ad on the TV for this phone app called Wallapop where you can sell your shit to people in your area to avoid paying shipping.

I listed a NEW backpack I had in the closet which I had NEVER USED for $35.00 because I thought it was reasonable when the original price is something like $50.00 and I put that the price was NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Then this lady messaged me and keeps pestering me to sell it to her for 25.00, does she think I'm a swap meet?

I raised the price to 40.00 just to piss her off and because I really don't care if I sell it, lol.

I've thought over some stuff I want to change this year:

  • Get a job
  • Lose 20lbs
  • Do well in my classes
  • Fix my posture
  • Take better care of my teeth and skin
  • Become more independent

This has been a super hard year for me and I've lost myself a lot and needed time just to mope cause my first boyfriend bailed on me last December and it hit me super hard. I'm still moving past it but I have made a lot of progress. I have some good people in my life like my homeboy Daybid and I can always come on Newgrounds and watch cool videos so that helps me a lot.

What are some New Year's resolutions you guys have?

Does coming on Newgrounds help you deal with your problems?



2015-10-04 06:35:30 by JellyTea

My Germany art was removed and idk why

I didn't even do shit, faggots.




2015-08-28 08:34:21 by JellyTea


I just looked at a shitload of my stuff in the dumpinggrounds and got a little emo-shinul